DG05 - Open Circut Trimix/CCR

DG05 - Open Circut Trimix/CCR
DG05 - Open Circut Trimix/CCR
Brand: Hollis
List Price: $1,499.95
Price: $1,349.95
Brand: Hollis
List Price: $1,499.95
Price: $1,349.95

DG05 is a technical dive computer for the growing technical diver. Whether you are advanced nitrox looking towards Trimix or an avid CCR diver, the DG05 will provide you the platform to modify based on your diving needs. Benefit from the only Trimix dive computer capable of monitoring up to 4 independent transmitters. Includes a vibrant OLED display and the freedom of a variable decompression model VGM all encased in a rugged mil-spec aluminum case.

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  • Ready for anything, from air to trimix, OC,SCR and CCR capable
  • Simple to use menu system with easy to read Icons and auto detect functions
  • Optocon (IR transmission of PO2/PC link) No more wet connectors
  • VGM algorithm allows you to customize your parameters or mimic other commercial algorithms on your own
  • Automatically switch to large graphics mode - menu bar disappears after a few seconds and the primary dive information fills the screen
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Single/triple cell PO2 monitoring capable
  • Dive Profile and Look Ahead Graphics on Dive Screen
  • User customizable dive information screen
  • Air/Nitrox/Trimix capable with up to 10 gas switch presets
  • CNS % and OTU tracking of oxygen exposure
  • Programmable safety factors to increase conservancy
  • Water activated and fully programmable underwater
  • Warnings for PO2, deco violation, air break and ascent rate
  • On-Board Dive Planner/Simulator
  • Imperial or Metric display
  • VGM Algorithm

    The VGM algorithm is built on recent practical dive planning and diving techniques as well as the scientific and theoretical understanding. It combines theoretical knowledge of bubble physics together with known diving practices. VGM also gives the user the ability to change the conservatism to increase or decrease decompression times. VGM incorporates 5 main features:
    • Bühlmann decompression model
    • Modification of tissue over pressure tolerances or M values for the faster tissues to create a decompression profile similar to a bubble model like VPM
    • Further modification of over pressure tolerances for deep or long exposure dives, especially in the fast and middle order tissues
    • Automatic adjustment of the above parameters to allow the default settings to give common decompression and No Stop times across the range of diving from 10m to 120m
    • User adjustable parameters - the diver can use his/her experience to further modify the decompression to that which suits him/her. The Equivalent Gradient Factors are displayed for a particular dive for ease of comparison with other dive computers and dive tables. However, because this system goes beyond Gradient Factors certain adjustments may only give an estimate of the GF equivalent.

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    Materials and Craftsmanship Requires Annual Service


    Five-year from date of purchase, unlimited dives (Product must be regristered with Oceanic Australia)


    Plastic gauge faces, rubber boots, HP hoses, o-rings, batteries



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