South West Rocks

South West Rocks
South West Rocks
Price: $495.00
South West Rocks
South West Rocks
South West Rocks
South West Rocks
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Price: $495.00

Fish Rock Cave at South West Rocks is voted among the top ten dives in Australia. Come on our long weekend trip and dive Fish Rock cave.

Taking advantage of the long weekend

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Fish Rock Cave at South West Rocks is voted among the top ten dives in Australia, and you can expect to dive with friendly turtles (all year round), grey nurse sharks (especially April - November) and masses of schooling fish which feed in the passing currents. Expect to see schools of pelagics, giant Queensland grouper, rare black coral gardens, anemones, clownfish, shells, lionfish, lobsters, large stingrays, migrating humpback whales and much, much more.

Fish Rock cave is only true ocean cave dive in Australia running 125 metres right through Fish Rock which lies two kilometres south-east of Smoky Cape.

  • 6 boat dives
  • Tanks
  • Free Nitrox
  • 3 nights accommodation (divers lodge bunk)
  • breakfast three mornings.
Please note: Mininum of Advanced Certification is required for this trip.
No refunds are payable by Abyss Scuba Diving where notification is received less than 7 days prior to booked event.

Well I was extremely excited about my weekend away to SWR, I had heard so many great things about the diving and was very much looking forward to 2 days away. Jamie and I set off from Sydney at about 4pm, slightly delayed as we wanted some of Carls birthday cake :o))


First days diving wasn’t great as we knew it wouldn’t be due to the high seas, vis was pretty poor and very surgey but the water felt like bath water it was so warm, but we decided to only do one dive. Once we’d all showered and changed we headed out to a local pub to celebrate ANZAC day, we ate, drank and played two-up (my first time ever and I lost every call well I am a Pom!!!) An early night was called for as it was another early start the next day….


This time the seas were much calmer so we decided to go down into the gutters on the first dive and spend time with the Grey Nurse sharks. We descended down and knelt on the bottom, vis was about 2m and slightly green still BUT when you see a Grey Nurse suddenly appear out of the gloom 1m away from you it’s amazing. They were swimming above and below us, just skimming the sandy bottom. Awe -inspiring. All too soon we were running out of deco so had to go back to the boat. We decided to do the same on the second dive, great call! Another brilliant encounter with the sharks, I’m now a GNS convert!!


That night Jamie cooked us a great BBQ and we all had a great evening, finished off by some great tasting hot chocolate and a Roo even joined in (they really do hop!!).

Back out the next day for our final dives, as we’d only done one on the first day we decided to do three as vis should be much better. As we headed out we could see how much calmer it was, not the exciting wet ride out this time!!


We hopped in and descended down to the gutters ready to head into the cave (sooo exciting!!) torches on and in we went. There were lots of Painted Crayfish and bullseyes at the start, then we ascended up the tunnel and the most amazing site… a HUGE Turtle blocking our way (I’m surprised you didn’t hear me in Sydney "it’s a turtle” – I tend to point out the obvious!) we had to go under him to get past! We carried on toward the exit, where we see the famous picture spot, unfortunately no sharks but hundreds and hundreds of fish, next minute we’re ascending in the cave, and we pop up in the bubble cave, we have a chat (very bizarre when your computer is reading 5.3m!!) then descend back down and slowly out of the cave, on the swim back to the boat we saw a huge variety of fish including lionfish, lots of eels (Green and Mosaic Moray) and even a wobbe or two. I even had a very brave clownfish bite me!! All too soon it was time to go up. We did another dive with the sharks and the final dive back through the cave, all amazing. Whilst we were waiting for the other group to come up we had a pee break, at this point the DM threw the left over biscuits in, and all the Batfish that hang around under the boat came up to eat, I grabbed a small chunk and held it out and one came and ate out of my hand! Such a great way to end the weekend. :o))))


It was a great weekend, and I can’t wait to go up again and if I get to see the 20m+ vis that is the norm up there even better!
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Samantha on 23/3/2015 10:37:35 PM

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Comments: This dive site is well deserving of the reputation as one of the top 10 in the country! Caves, soooooo many grey nurse sharks, wobbys, rays, fish, fish, fish what more could you want!?!

"Most grey nurse sharks you'll see in one place!"

Belinda on 3/3/2009 12:26:26 PM

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Comments: Everything about this trip is fantastic! Gorgeous accomodation, some of the best diving you'll do and of course amazing Abyss crew cooking for you and organising! Worth the drive north!

"Superb Diving!"

Kristy Dean on 9/11/2008 9:25:08 AM

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Comments: Make sure you add this trip to your list of things to do! The diving was spectacular. Fish Rock Cave is just amazing. We saw schools upon schools of fish, and circling inside were several Grey Nurse Sharks. The crew were efficient and very friendly, and the accommodation was just great. I would defiinitely do it all again.

"Love Fish Rock Cave"

Yukiko on 9/10/2008 4:46:09 PM

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Comments: You have lots of things to see in Fish Rock Cave and never get bored. Many sharks, lobsters, turtles, eels, rays and etc...It was my best diving in NSW.


Melinda Eisele on 9/10/2008 4:45:59 PM

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A must do trip! The seas were calm the sky was blue and there were heaps of grey nurse and wobygongs to see and the cave was spectacular.
The boat crew were the best I have ever experienced, they went out of their way to make our dives and surface intervals fun and easy, and they were a bit cheeky too which made for heaps of laughter. They even supplied humpback whales on our last day! I will be back next year or maybe even earlier.

"The best diving along the NSW coast!"

Greg Marshall on 15/8/2007 11:10:44 AM

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Comments: I dive in South West Rocks up to 4 times a year and have been doing that for the past 5 years or so, and with one trip being on the long weekend with Abyss that is regularly in my diary now.   South West Rocks is particularly famous for one dive site called Fish Rock Cave which runs approximately 120 meters through the side of Fish Rock Island, while sounding daunting it can be easily navigated with the aid of a torch and having large passages throughout makes for very easy diving.  A... More details

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