The Monument

The Monument
The Monument
The first dive site you encounter along the northern side of Kurnell national park, Monument is the site of Captain Cooks first antipodeans landing. A relatively easy-going site with an effortless entry and excellent amenities. Of the sites in the Captain Cook Park at Kurnell, this one would be rated the lowest.

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The Moument


The Dives
The Monument is a very easy dive site, with the relatively longer surface swim being the hardest part. Due to its location right in the bay, viz can be a little worse here than the other sites around Kurnell. But it is still a very nice relaxing dive with usually lots to see. Once you enter the water you snorkel out over kelp in a north easterly direction. There is a red navigation marker out in the bay and if you head towards it you are going in the right direction. Once you become sick of snorkelling you can descend as sometimes large rays are seen swimming over the kelp. You will be in about 4m of water, keep following your compass till you come to a drop off. Drop over the wall for the main part of the dive. If viz is poor the top of the wall also makes an interesting dive. Swim along with the wall on your right.

Monument's a great dive to take a torch, as they're overhangs hiding blue devil fish, wobbegongs, Port Jacksons, Giant cuttlefish and even the occasional banded coral shrimp.

This is a good dive to do as a drift dive if you have an outgoing tide, you can drift from the monument around to Sutherland point or the Steps.

When exiting at the Monument make sure you swim up into the channel as there are many sea urchins on the rocks everywhere else.


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The Monument is located in the Kurnell Botany Bay National Park; the entry to the park is located off Captain Cook Drive. It cost $7.00 for park entry fees. Once inside the park follow the main road, you will go over three speed humps then take the first turn on the left. It’s a dirt road, which leads down to a big grassy picnic area; turn to the right and park somewhere near the grassy area, which leads to the water. This is also where you park for Sutherland Point dive site.

The Monument

Entry and exit
To reach the dive site, follow the main park road past the turn-off to the Discovery Centre and the car-park for Steps is on your left. In the middle of the fence is an opening that leads down past a warning plaque in roughly-hewn, large steps. A viewing platform is on your left as the path twists around to the right, becoming very narrow and bending to and fro down steel steps, a steel bridge that leads to the west and eventually the entry point. A large expanse of bedrock encircles an enclosed section of water, bordered to the north by two boulders. Facing the water, the right (eastern) side of this enclosure has a ledge that extends out. This is the entry point. At high tide, time between the sets and perform a belly flop entry heading out to the right of the main boulder (see map). At low tide, a controlled seated entry may be more suitable. This also serves as an exit point. If the swell and/or the tide is up; the "v” shaped groove at the back of the enclosure can also be used.


Steps Entry Point   


Weedy seadragons, boar fish various rays, old wives various wrasse, sea horses, wobbiegongs, blue grouper, various nudibranchs, giant cuttlefish, Port Jacksons, various sponges, moray eels.

Things to be careful of.

  • Silty bottom, make sure you practise good buoyancy skills or viz can drop very quickly
  • When exiting make sure you exit via the channel where you get in as there are many sea urchins on the rocks everywhere else.
  • Currents can sometimes be strong in this area, so make sure you have checked the tides and know which way the current will be going.
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"Fantastic Site"

AdamR on 29/3/2010 9:40:54 PM

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Comments: I really enjoy diving monument. I think its so under-rated. It has amazing fixed life which attracts odd little critters. I have found many different species of nudies, frog fish, morays and octupus here. Unfortunately vis is sometimes lacking, but that just means looking closer...

"So flat!"

Kirsty on 5/8/2009 4:24:22 PM

Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Empty Star Full Star

Comments: Couldn't believe how flat it was at the Monument today! Great vis - I love the overhangs on the wall - so many schools of fish - saw a Crested Horn shark!!