Tip of the Week

Night Diving

If you’ve never been night diving, you may wonder why you would even bother.

Whatever you’re imagining, it’s probably not that. …

The best way to describe night diving is to say it’s the same as day diving, only different. Think of going camping. You set up camp, perhaps cook out and explore your surroundings. The sun sets and you go for a stroll and while it’s the same place you saw by day, it’s also a new place. Perhaps you hear a nocturnal frog chirp, and the loud chatter of birds has faded. Some flowers close and others open. And, you can see surprisingly well once your eyes adjust.

You’ll find that it’s much the same on a night dive. Even though you’ve seen a site during the day, it becomes a whole new site at night. Organisms comes out or behave differently at night: fish sleep on the bottom; Jelly Bean plants open up to feed; lobsters and crayfish crawl about in the open.