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Heron Island

During the period 14-18 February Carl and I visited Heron Island.

Heron Island

Heron Island is known the world over for its excellent Great Barrier dive sites and fantastic coral gardens and pinnacles. So good is the diving that Jacques Cousteau – the world’s most famous undersea explorer of our time – listed The Heron Bommie as one of his top ten favourite dive sites.


Sperm can live in side the female turtle for up to 4 years

This is one of the interesting facts I found out last night on Heron Islands turtle watching lecture, carl and myself are lucky enough to be here on laying season. I am looking forward to diving in and hour where I can see the turtles in action. So far the only one I have seen was a baby in a sea gulls mouth.I guess that is nature….

Had a great dinner last night

Enter Seared Duck Breast

MainPan Fried Barramundi

Desert White Chocolate & Bailet Mousse

And then a take home cheese platter to finish the night off.

Next Day

Big breakfast this morning and now I am about to head out for my dive to work it all off! I will be doing a 9am, 11am and 3pm dive and then either a night dive or a turtle walk. Think I might go for the turtle work. Apparently it is quite cool watching the mum come up on the beach and see her lay her eggs. You can also see the babies running from the beach to the water in the evenings.. I would like to see that as well.

Some under water photos off carl

Happy Birthday at Heron

A natural coral cay, located directly on the reef, there are more than 20 different dive sites to explore, more than half of which are just 15 minutes from the beach. The waters are teeming with reef fish, turtles, mantas reef sharks and endless varieties of invertebrates.

After 3 great dives today in 27deg water, 15m vis and seeing big rays, white tips sharks, a 3m long shovel nose shark and of course turtles , I have decided that since it is my birthday I will now sit by the pool, have a drink and relax!
The sun is out and it has been a great day. Normally it takes a few days to get into holiday mode… not this time. This is a very relaxing island that certainly has a tough of class and lots to see and do.
Anyway time to have another drink and head off for my explore. Just heard some non divers raving about the fish feed in the semi submersible glass bottom sub…. Must do this as well.

relaxing on Heron Island

Relaxing on Heron Island


Last Night

Watch out for the baby turtles… be careful not to step on them!
Last night we headed down the beach in front of our room in the hope to see some hatchings or a month laying here eggs… well we got to see both!
First the hatchings.. “watch out do not step on them” is what I said as we walked along the beach at dusk. There must have been 100 baby turtles all rushing to the water. Very cute!!! The sharks were waiting at the water edge to eat them.
Then we saw a few big turtles hanging in the shallows . They were deciding where to exit.. Did you know that although these turtles may swim as far as PNG they come back to where they were borne to lay there eggs. Eventually they walked up on the beach one by one. It was very hard work them to walk on land. When above the high tide mark they started to dig there next. This took over an hour while we watched. Eventually she started to lay. At this point we could get in a little closer to get some photos. You could actually go right up to her and see the eggs being laid.
I had never see this before.. how exciting..
Video of turtle laying egg from carl

Diving at Heron Island is relatively shallow, with an average depth of around 15 to 35 metres,. The waters of the reef are home to around 60% of the 1,500 species of fish and around 72% of the coral species found in the Great Barrier Reef.

What a great trip for above and below the water experiences. I really enjoyed this one and will certainly head back up there. They are doing a re fit in April so maybe early next year I might go and see the turtles again.


I get to check out dive locations on a regular basis. I have a tough job don’t I?


You to have the oppertunity to visit Heron Island  24-29 January 2013



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