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Proper techniques for entering a ship wreck

The Wreck of the Valiant

As you descend, you look below for your first glimpse. Your eyes instinctively search for pattern- something that looks like a ship. You near the bottom and suddenly, in a blink, the wreck materializes below you.

Wreck diving is all about experiencing different dives. Some people do wreck diving for the curiosity, others looking at the history, some are looking a aquatic life on the wreck and others are into photography.

Proper techniques for entering a wreck

 1. An opening through a door or hatch that can close is not a suitable entry location. Enter a wreck only where the opening is large, void of closing covers or doors and sharp edges.

2. The diver with the reel goes first.

3. Sweep your light in a circle as you enter. Check all areas in front, above, below and to the side of you.

4. Check where your bubbles hit the ceiling. If they cause a severe rain of silt that could limit visibility, it may be appropriate to abort the penetration.

5. Wrap the line around non-sharp objects from time to time as necessary to route the line where your buddies can follow it, to avoid slack, and to keep the line from blocking passage.

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