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Fish Rock Cave – Australias Only True Ocean Cave Dive

People often ask me “what is your most memorable dive?”. I have dived all over the world and my answer is Fish Rock cave at South West Rocks. South West Rocks offers everything.

Grey Nurse Shark in Fish Rock Cave

Grey Nurse Shark in Fish Rock Cave

Fish Rock Cave at South West Rocks is voted among the top ten dives in Australia, and you can expect to dive with friendly turtles (all year round), grey nurse sharks (especially April – November) and masses of schooling fish which feed in the passing currents. Expect to see schools of pelagics, giant Queensland grouper, rare black coral gardens, anemones, clownfish, shells, lionfish, lobsters, large stingrays, migrating humpback whales and much, much more. This site has so much to offer I do strongly recommend it to all divers as a must do dive site.

Fish Rock Cave is only true ocean cave dive in Australia running 125 metres right through Fish Rock, a small bare rock which juts out of the sea which lies two kilometres south-east of Smoky Cape.
The western end is the shallow entrance and where most divers are taken, at least on their first dives here. This is primarily because it is much shallower at about 12 metres, although you have to go to about 17 to 20 to get there from the moorings. The eastern enterance is the bigger  and more spectacular enterance.The eastern end is much deeper, being around 25 metres. It is a much more adventourous dive to do the full penertration and go in the deep entrance and come out the shallow entrance.
Fish Rock Cave

Fish Rock Cave

Most years Abyss organise a trip to South West Rocks to dive fish Rock Cave and Green Island. You must be an Advanced Open Water diver to do this trip but it  is worth getting this qualification for the Fish Rock Cave Trip alone.



One thought on “Fish Rock Cave – Australias Only True Ocean Cave Dive

  1. I did the Fish Rock Cave dive over the xmas break and can confirm that this has been my best dive to date!!

    Overcast, rainy and choppy seas however once descending we were treated to 20m visability and immediatly dropped down towards the shark gutters. On that day there were about 20+ Grey Nurse sharks swimming around and beside us, some swimming as close as 2-3 metres as they drifted on by. What absolutely magnificent animals! If you have done the magic point dive in Sydney and been impressed with these animals then multiply it by a factor of 10 when you dive with them up at Fish Rock Cave.

    The second dive we dropped down to the deep end of the cave, passing a few Grey Nurse Sharks on the way. During descent we saw a large 8′ wobbigong swim along the bottom below us. The cave was an easy swim with lots of lobsters and wobbigong sharks in the various ledges. Towards the end of the dive we spotted a large sea turtle before exiting in the aquarium which was teaming with fish of various varieties, including a smaller second turtle swimming around.

    I highly recommend anyone who is looking for an amazing dive experience to add this dive to their list of must do things before they die!!


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