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Female BCD’s

It was not that many years ago diving was fairly much a mans domain. Historically less than 30% of divers were female, today 48% of the people Abyss teach to dive are female.  In recent years the manufacturers have recognized this change and along with female wetsuits now have female BCD’s.

Female BCD Aeris EX300

Female BCD Aeris EX300

Female BCDs offer lady divers increased comfort and a much better fit. Key features are that the back length is reduced (ladies have shorter backs than men), which means the cylinder does not rest on the base of your spine.  The BCD is designed to carry the weight on the hips rather than on the shoulders which happens with a men’s BCD.

Adjustable chest strap means maximum comfort no matter the body shape.

Integrated weights save your hips from the bruising sometimes suffered by using a conventional weight belt.

Oceanic Hera Female BCD

Oceanic Hera Female BCD


Diving is about enjoyment and a female BCD ensures that ladies can enjoy the sport. 



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  1. I bought my wife (Now ex-wife) the very first Oceanic BC for women. Cut higher in the hips and adjustments made for the bustline. She loved it. It was like a breath of fresh air after diving in gear made for men.

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