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Show your students the Magic!

The Ocean is the minds elixir of youth… Show your students the magic!

I am thinking - Underwater treasure

I am thinking – Underwater treasure

As Scuba Instructors we often forget about the shier mystery of the sea. The marine world offers so many differences to the terrestrial that we as experienced divers definitely take for granted. The key to making long-term divers is to let them see the MAGIC!

I will let you in on a secret: The Ocean is the minds elixir of youth.
Keep the adventure alive

Keep the adventure alive

Think back to your childhood; where everything was brilliant, amazing and magical. Every corner held a new mystery and discovery; and we all had superpowers. Well learning to dive is definitely no different. Remember that as your students descend for their first dive EVERYTHING and I mean everything is new again! The magic is alive and the mystery has returned. Even the most simple of animals is mysterious and intriguing. As an Instructor, your aim for every dive is to get the most ‘WOW’s’ out of your students and show them the magic! Point out shrimps, crabs, sea-urchins, worms, nudibrachs, ascidians, jellyfish, or corals… anything that is living is amazing. Pointing a torch into the back of a dark ledge is exploration. Through the eyes of a new diver, they are experiencing the frontier of exploration. It is exciting and breathtaking!

From the moment they descend, they can even breath and fly underwater. How cool is that! Their childhood superpowers have magically returned! That alone is enough to make your students jaws drop and them remember the experience forever!
New divers going in for thier first adventre
Show them the magic!I can still remember my first few dives. As silly as it sounds, I can remember consciously looking for lost treasure. (Not that I had lost any, nor was there was any to be found). Any old beer bottle was worthy of the mantelpiece and I was sure that there was ancient gold coins under every ledge and in every nook and cranny. New divers base their conceptions on their previous experiences. Because they are non-divers these experiences are drawn from movies, documentaries, and the internet and the like. These are just some of the devices that provide the seeds for their imagination. Keeping this in mind will allow you to keep the magic alive and keep your dives intrigued and engaged.
Taking this small amount of additional time to ensure you show your students the magic of diving is relatively insignificant to the returns your will get. Not only will teaching become more and more satisfying and rewarding, but your customers will return to your facility for more experiences again and again. What more can an Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor want?
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