Sidemount Diving

What is Sidemount Diving

First developed for technical diving,this form of diving was then adopted by technical divers and is no moving into the recreational market. As the name suggests, sidemount takes a cylinder that would be on your back, and straps it to your side. Increased safety, increased comfort, improved air consumption and increased enjoyment.

Jamie Miller set for Sidemount DivingYour most flexible body part, your back, no longer has rigid metal strapped to it so it can bend again! Making diving very, very, (very) comfortable.

You can put the tank on IN THE WATER so no more walking to the dive site in full, heavy gear under the blazing TX sun! Put the BCD on (without tanks), walk into the water, clip the tanks on- ready to go, comfort, ease and simplicity.

The added safety factor of a full-sized, second cylinder is enormous, think a pony is the answer? Think again.

Travel diving is easy. Take a lightweight sidemount BCD and that’s it! Resorts all provide rental cylinders so strap those on, use their regulators or take your own and enjoy a comfortable dive with an unsurpassed safety margin and spend much, much more time diving- your dollars spent per minute diving is GREATLY reduced as a result.

The system lowers the center of gravity making surf entries and exits easier and safer.

Easy, excellent trim and buoyancy control- especially great for UW photographers.


If you are interested in Sidemount diving then check out our sidemount course.

Sidemount Diving