From those who live in the Abyss

Diving the Top of Australia

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dive on the top of the world?

The things we do on our days off.
Well…  last February myself and 6 others from the Abyss Scuba Diving Club in Sydney did just that. At 1890m elavation, Blue lake in Mt Kosciuszko National Park is one of the highest lakes in Australia and one of the hardest to get to as well.

Doing a bit of research and knowing it was a 11km return trip in cold weather with full diving equipment some people thought we where a bit crazy… BUT IT WAS GREAT!!!

After stoping at Lake Jindabine for the night, we made our way up to Charlottes Pass to begin the 5.5km hike to the dive sight. (It is going to be hard to take the complaints i sometimes get about the walk down to Bare Island from Open Water Students.) When we began the walk up, tt was raining quite heavily and around 10 degrees outside.

We took a tank each (Stapped to a trolley which you can see in the photos bellow) plus a set of Drysuits, Snorkeling Gear, and Scuba Equipment between 2 people (Packed in backpacks), along with other safety equipment and supplies for the day.

The gradient of the walk is intense, but worth every minute. To know that we where going to be diving a lake that very few people have ever done, made it even more exciting.

Once we arrived, we suited up in teams and made our way to bottom of the lake. The dives went to around 23m with about 3-4m vis. The water got down to a minimum of 6 Degrees. Brrrr..

We found lots of Freshwater Yabbies and hundreds of tiny fish resting on the silty bottom called Galaxias sp 1.

You can view a PDF describing these little guys here:

After a long rest and off-gas, we slowly made our way back to Charlotte Pass to the warmth of our cars. The day was full on, starting at 6:00am and returning to the start point at around 5:00pm.



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