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PADI IDC Preparation

How to Prepare for your PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)


Before you can register and begin your PADI Instructor Development Course (commonly called the PADI IDC) you must meet certain pre-requisites. These include having proof of more than 100 logged dives, being a certified Divemaster and having been a certified diver for more than 6 months. If you meet these requirements then you will be able to begin the preparation for your IDC.


Your success in your IDC is directly linked to the amount of effort both you and our staff put in both prior and during your training here. Ensuring your are prepared prior to starting your program will make your succeed. When you register you’ll received a special PADI IDC Crew Pack. This is the materials you will require to begin your pre-study and that you will use throughout your IDC and forwards into your career as a PADI Instructor. These materials are available to purchase directly from PADI as a Divemaster or you can purchase them from us a greatly reduced cost of $559. Just so you know, most other facilities’ charge in excess of $750 for this pack, so it is a great initial saving when you purchase this from us at a PADI Career Development Centre (CDC). As we are the only CDC in the state, this is the logical choice.   


At the same time, we will register you for PADI IDC online e-learning. This is an amazing tool that we use for every IDC, that will help delivery some of the information you need to prepare you for starting. Not all facilities give this to their students, but here at the Career Development Centre we always get the most up to date and advanced educational materials possible to help deliver our programs. This e-learning takes approximately 30 hours to complete, so you are advised to register for your IDC early, to avoid cramming your study prior to starting.


You will also need to complete your Emergency First Response (First Aid) Instructor Course before you can start teaching as a PADI Instructor. This ensures that all PADI Instructors are capable of not only teaching first aid (Which is a requirement for all your Rescue Diver students) but also that you are able to administer first aid confidently to any of your students if required. During the program, so you will also receive your materials for this now as well. It is recommended to complete the preparation for the EFR Instructor Course prior to starting your IDC as you will not have much time to spare once you start. This usually takes around 10 hours to complete and the cost of the materials are all included in the course cost. Again, just so you know, our EFR Instructor program costs only $399. Most other facilities in NSW charge close to $600 for this program. It is because we are a Career Development Centre that we can offer such great cost reductions.


Your IDC is not designed to re-teach you the skills or knowledge needed to become a Divemaster. All skills and knowledge learnt back in your Divemaster course should be reviewed leading up to the start of your program.  If you feel you have forgotten a lot of the theory covered during your Divemaster course, we strongly recommend that you completely review the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving and Knowledge Review Work Book you received at DM level prior to the IDC. Once you start your IDC you won’t have much time to do this additional extra study.


If you are feeling uncomfortable in this area and feel you would like some extra tuition, then we recommend the PADI Dive theory online. Candidates always rave about how easy it was to use and review all the theory.


Please check it out the Dive Theory online details, it is well worth the small investment.

Dive Theory Online

Dont forget that our team of instructor development staff are always available to help you prepare as well. So if there is any theory you just cant get your head around then please call us and we will arrange a private tuition session to help you review the theory prior to the start of your program. This is the why choosing a facility that has dedicated staff to Instructor development including two PADI Course Directors and Master Instructors on staff full-time will also greatly benefit you.



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