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Looking For Some Rust?.. You Will Find it in Truk.

by Rach Fallon

Truk Lagoon is full of history


Many people do not know where Truk Lagoon is.. During world War II Truk lagoon was the main base of the japanese wrecks. In 1944 one of the most important naval airstrikes of the war happened at Truk. Twelve Japanese warships were destroyed. Most divers know about this place due to the great wreck diving on offer. If you like wrecks you will love this place!

A soft coral growth on the Shinkoku Maru


Truk Lagoon is known for the numerous wrecks and the ease of access to dive them. There is nothing better then descending down and then a wreck appearing in front of you. There is a heap of wrecks and they range in depth from 20-60m, so great for all divers. You could easily do this trip and stay with a max depth of 30m or if you were technically trained there is some deep ones for you as well. Even those that do not like wreck diving will enjoy these wrecks as a lot of them are covered in soft and hard corals with loads of marine life now calling them home.



You will certainly want a camera on this trip. The water is clear and warm and the colours of the soft and hard corals on the wrecks are just beautiful. You can challenge yourself and check out the inside the of the wrecks or just relax and discover the outside where the majority of all the bright colours are.

The view from the bridge of the Nippo Maru

It is certainly on a lot of divers wish list but it is not an easy one to get to and certainly not a spot to take the non diving partner. Truk is not on of the easier dive destinations to get to from Sydney. Most trips are costed X Cairns. Basically it is a mid night departure from Cairns, then a few hours stop over in Guam (just enough time to do some shopping) and then you are off to Truk. So once you arrive you will have been travelling for quite a while. I am sure after the first dive it will all be worth it..

Most of the wrecks are covered in artillery, vehicles and ammunition


There is not a heap of accommodation options in Truk, I would recommend Blue Lagoon Hotel as the place to stay and dive from. It is a little bit out of town but to be honest there is not much in town. The hotel is nice and comfortable, has a good bar and good food.


The dive shop there is great, offering dive guide services, nitrox, trimix, a range of recreational and technical rental equipment and of course souvenirs!



For a package trip to Truk, including international airfares, dives, accommodation in Guam, etc, you are looking at a bit over $3,000. Check out our next trip to Truk Lagoon and you could be diving with us in the ultimate wreck destination!

Click here to see some photos taken on our last trip in December 2010.