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Vanuatu – An easy destination for all divers!

This is definitely a must do one from Sydney.

Vanuatu is one of the easiest and inexpensive dive destinations from Sydney. It is a short flight, the locals are friendly, they speak the language, there is on land and underwater activities and there is a range of accommodation.

The diving offered is both wreck and reef and is warm water with good vis.. what we all want! Vanuatu is broken into Port Vila (the capital) and Santo (where the President Coolidge is.. a must do wreck dive).

Port Vila

Reef at Hat Island


Port Vila is a great spot to take the family. There is a range of accommodation from budget to 5 star and a lot of things to do both in and out of the water with a heap of different restaurants to check out in the evening.

The diving in Port Vila is not all that challenging so is great for anyone and there is also great snorkelling as well.

You could do a cheap 5 night, 8 dives, accommodation, airfares and transfers for close to $1,000 here! Great destination that is cheap and easy.




The iconic ‘Lady’ of the Coolidge

Santo is a domestic flight away from Port Vila. I love this destination.. All divers in Sydney really should do this one. This is where there is a really big, easily accessible wreck to dive. The President Coolidge hit one of it’s own mines in WWII and was ran aground. After everyone, except a captain, was off the boat, it slipped back into the water . Now it is laying on it’s side with the bow in 25m and the stern in 70m.

Everything was left on the wreck so you can see gas masks, medicines in the medicine room, plates in the kitchen, light bulbs etc.. It is a very exciting dive. You really need a minimum of an advanced certification to do this dive. A deep speciality certification would be even better. You could easily do 50 dives on this wreck and still not see it all.

Other than the wreck of the President Coolidge (and this is certainly worth the trip) Santo does not have that much to do on land. It is really a divers paradise but I would not take a non diver to this destination.

For a trip to Santo you are looking at a bit over $2,000. Check out our next trip to dive the Coolidge here.



Vanuatu is such a fantastic dive destination with something to offer everyone at a great price. No matter what kind of diving you are after or what kind of budget you are on, Vanutau has something to suit you! Check out our next trip to Vanuatu, or email us at dive@abyss.com.au for more information. We have been there loads of times and are more than happy to pass on our knowledge and advice!



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