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Jervis Bay – Dived to be Believed

I have dived Jervis Bay for 20 years, and it is still one of my favourite places to go for a weekend away diving. If you have already dived Jervis Bay, then you know what I am talking about, but if you have not dived there yet, then you don’t know what you are missing out on.

Located approximately 2.5 hours drive south of Sydney. Jervis Bay has crystal clear water with viz. ranging from 10-25m. The dive sites at Jervis Bay are numerous, and each location offers something different. Dive sites usually range in depth so that divers can set their depth limit by their experience.

Jervis Bay Map

Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay boasts varied and numerous dive sites from shallow waters of the Nursery to magnificent drop-offs. The giant sandstone cliffs that ring the entrance to the bay have over millions of years collapsed into the sea forming caves, tunnels, archways, drop offs and terraces providing homes to the many and varied sea creatures that live in and around the bay.

Underwater life is abundant; there are big schools of yellowtail and old wives. The beautiful untouched sponge gardens are nothing like what you have seen in Sydney. The sponge gardens support a vast array of life, such as Sea Baskets, Starfish, Nudibranchs, Pygmy Leatherjackets, Red Indian Fish, Weedy Seadragons, Seahorses, numerous rays, Blue Grouper and much more.

The nature of the bay means that there are giant underwater boulders, which hide giant cuttlefish, Port Jackson sharks, Blue Devil Fish, Wobbegongs. There are underwater cliffs and cracks, there are drop-offs and large caves to explore, and these are home to grey nurse sharks.

Jervis Bay is also the home of resident dolphins and fairy penguins that feast on the abundant fish. In the cooler months, the Australian Fur Seal form 2 large colonies at both sides to the entrance to the bay.

The underwater scenery and life of Jervis Bay simply have to be diving to be believed. Jervis Bay is a must-dive location for all divers.