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Top 5 reasons to ALWAYS dive in Sydney

Thank you to our Guest Blogger Tammy Lane

For many people, the perfect dive is synonymous with crystal clear oceans, 20 meters visibility and 25 degrees water temperature. But more often than not (especially if you are Sydney sider!) such conditions are few and far between. As the temperature drops during the winter months it can be increasingly difficult to drag that toasty backside off the couch. But there are many reasons why you should take the plunge this winter. Here are my top 5:

1. The sun is always shining underwater: Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but once you are 10 meters below you will have forgotten all about the wind and the rain. On the plus, the visibility is often much better in winter, the seas are flatter leading to access to some of the more exposed sites and the water temperature is actually warmer than at the start of summer. Yippee!

2. Less people: Enjoy the fact the oceans are less populated in the cooler months. Not only is visibility better without hoards of divers stirring the sand, but the beautiful blue groupers (starved of affection with the lack of tourists), will dote on you for the duration of your dive. Heellooo happy snaps!

Gus giving Sam a kiss at Oak Park

A humpback and her calf

3. BFG’s: as most animal lovers will know, the start of winter hails the return of our BFG’s (big friendly giants) – the whales! Whether you catch a glimpse of them on the surface or are fortunate enough to greet them below, one encounter with these gentle giants is sure to warm your heart.

4. Beat the winter blues:  Even the happiest of people will succumb to a bout of the dreaded winter blues over the coming three months. I have found that the best cure is to simply do more of what you love. Slip on a wetsuit, slop on a hood, slap on your booties and jump on in. Within five minutes you will be as happy as a grouper munching on an urchin…guaranteed!

5. Street cred: If all else fails, your bold pursuits will have your couch dwelling co-workers treating you like Bear Grylls for the rest of the week. Score!



Happy diving!


P.S. If you are going to be diving in Sydney all year round (and you really should be!!) and want to stay a little warmer, why don’t you look at a drysuit. We also have a competition at the moment for people to WIN ONE!! How cool!



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