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Divemaster Mapping Project Examples

Getting off on the right foot with your Divemaster Mapping Project is sometimes not as easy as it sounds. Working as a team for the first time can cause conflict and sometimes a day of hard work can be relatively unproductive. Being able to see Divemaster mapping project Examples is a fantastic way to gather the focus of your team and to allow you to form the basis of what your teams expectations are for the end result.

Below are some good and not so good examples of Divemaster Mapping Projects to allow you to set the teams expectations.

Remember the best Divemaster Mapping Project Example is one that you can use during a dive brief to effectively show your customers the general lay of the land underwater. The best map is a map that they can easily base their dive plan on. So keep this in mind when looking through these Divemaster Mapping Project Examples.

I have also written another blog that may help you develop your Divemaster Mapping Project and it is called Divemaster Mapping Project tips. Check it out and I am sure it will get your team off on the right foot.

Have fun and remember to send through your examples for us to include in this blog about Divemaster Mapping Project examples and others like it. Cheers…

Carl Fallon

PADI Platinum Course Director

A great map of Camp Cove. Even including photos to give you an exact image of the site.


A not so good example of a map of Oak Park. It’s very obvious to an Instructor when there hasn’t been a lot of effort put in


Not everyone is this artistic, but it helps to show you have put some time and energy into the project

This map, while looking simple, is packed full of info and could easily be used to navigate around a dive site. And that’s the whole point right?

Very little information and even less effort in this map. Could you even identify the dive site without the name written on the top?



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