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Christian Badham – Divemaster Training

Turning from a follower to a man in charge can be a daunting task, but it is the task of the Divemaster Training to teach you this. You are taking people’s lives under your care and asking them to trust you. I have had stressful, nervous and even painful moments in this training process but it is all making me into a better diver.

First day of the course, Rachael Fallon introduces us to what is to happen. Instantly after we are out to practice our first briefing, sure it is in front of only my peers in the Divemaster Training but even so it confronts you just as the rest of the course does. After however we get to enjoy a nice fun dive at Voodoo where we all get to try leading a group for the first time. Even as a skill practice dive we still saw a Port Jackson shark, Angel shark, Giant Cuttle Fish and a bunch of old wives. This is how I see this course, difficult and confronting but in the end a rewarding experience.

Christian assisting on an Open Water course as part of his DM program

We then go into learning how to teach other students, mostly Open Water skills. I have had a lot of time around instructors so this wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. The stress test that afternoon was a different story however. I thought it would be a breeze but the small easy parts of diving soon become difficult tasks when the stress builds up underwater. The stress test includes buddy breathing with only one regulator, so after a minute or two your brain starts switching from this is an easy task to I NEED AIR! My first attempt ended up with a breath full of water and having to retry the task. The second time me and my buddy easily made it though, making me feel like an even more accomplished and confident diver.

Today I did my first briefing in front of customers and lead the dive. I was nervous all last night studying and preparing, only to find I over-prepared and did a great job. I had a great time with the students and we saw many amazing Weedy Sea Dragons underwater and even saw about five Port Jackson sharks and a Moray Eel. I again am coming out more confident than I did before which seems to be a usual trend in this course.

I am grateful I could have this experience and thank the instructors of Abyss for being such good guys in this course. I have felt really upset and been comforted and reassured, and have felt pushed but not too far that I lost confidence in myself. This course is definitely difficult, definitely in-your-face and definitely pushes you to your limits, but you come out feeling much better about yourself as a person and as a diver with every new day.

Getting close and personal to the puppies of the sea



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