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Scientific Diver Training RTD3508A

With the introduction of Safe Work Australia new regulations we have had a lot of enquiries about obtaining the Scientific diver certification. This is the qualification you require to allow you to conduct occupational diving for Scientific and Research purposes. If you work as a diver, be it collecting fish or studying coral this is a certification that you may need.

The new Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Nationally Recognised training course RTD3508A: Perform diving for scientific purposes – the PADI Scientific SCUBA Diver course will give you the Qualifications.

The course goes though above and below application of research diving. Ranging from no vis reel work, different search patters and there application, rescue excesses and of course  how to deploying SMB at depth as well as looking at using redundant air sources. The course not only looks at the fun in water part but also covers the mandatory paperwork side of things. During the course you will Submit Risk Assessments, Proposals, Checklists and Dive Plans for Scientific Dives.

Line work training

This course was developed as an occupational rating, for those working in marine industry. It is approved by Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), as Nationally Recognised Training and involves a number of competency components.

It is a great course with a few challenges that make it a lot of fun. I am sure though out the program all students are challenged and enjoy the training. At the end of the training there is an assignment due that is to be conducted using the paperwork and skills learn during the program before certification.

The Scientific diver certification course is built on the recognition of prior learnng and allows for any PADI certification courses, such as PADI Advanced Open Water and PADI Rescue diver qualifications you already have. Check out our course details to see how you would fit in.

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