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Playing Golf is like Scuba Diving

I often joke about golfers playing in the rain holding lightning conductors, when divers ring up on a rainy day and ask if the diving is still on.

A first glance you would not think that golf, and scuba diving has many things in common, but it is amazing when you start to think about it, how much they have in common.

Social aspects of the golf and scuba diving

When you think about it, when you play a round of golf you actually spend about  an hour addressing and hitting the ball, the rest of the time is social, either walking over the course   or at the 18th hole. Diving is very similar; you can spend a whole day of diving, but you are actually blowing bubbles for maybe two hours. The rest of the time is about socializing, before, between and after the dives.

Intersection Hotel

Intersection Hotel – The Abyss 19th Hole

Getting among nature while you get fit and socializing.

Golf gives the players a chance to walk around amounts the tree and chat to some friend while doing so.  Golfing means good exercise, socializing, clean air while being somewhat closer to nature.  Diving is a good exercise, a great chance to socialize; you could not have cleaner air, and you are immersed in nature.

A chance to socialise in clean air

A sport where the contest is with yourself.

Both golf and scuba diving are mental sports where the only real competition is with yourself.   Just like in golf it is a constant struggle to overcome that terrible slice, in diving we need to work on our buoyancy control, streamlining ourselves and proper inning techniques.


Reducing our handicap.

This is where the similarities are the greatest. In golf, if we just go out and practice we will get better and reduce our handicap but soon our sore will plateau and no matter how much we practice our handicap hovers around the same level. We will if we buy a better set of clubs, we will reduce our handicap to a new level. Then if we go to a pro, this will help our handicap fall, follow that by practice, and it will fall again. So the cycle continues.

Poor Air Consumption

With Scuba diving, we start with poor air consumption and lots of lead. These are our handicaps in more ways than one. As we get dives under our belt, our air consumption will improve and the amount of lead we need will reduce as we learn to relax. We buy a set of split fins, a high-quality regulator, a back inflation BCD, and a good wetsuit, and again we improve. Next we do a Peak Performance Buoyancy course with a diving pro and the weight we use will drop and our air consumption improves. We then do an advanced course, a rescue course, an underwater navigation course and our confidence improves; our air consumption improves, and the circle continues.


Golf and Scuba Diving have many similarities. I have tried both, personally I get the most out of diving. What about you?



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