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Terry Cummins Talks Mexico

Terry Cummins

On Monday the 17th of September, Terry Cummins from PADI will be joining us for our Club Night to share his stories of diving in Mexico! Mexico is famous for it’s diving experiences. Probably the most popular and well known being the underground cave systems known as the Cenotes and also for the chance to get up close and personal to the gentle giants of the sea… Whale sharks.

With a 40 year history in education, business and exploration diving, Terry is currently Vice President’s at PADI Worldwide’s Marketing Department and Director of Market Development of PADI’s Technical Diving Division. Terry is a dedicated cave diver, has received a number of industry awards including those from the Australian diving industry, OZTeK and holds the very prestigious “Legends Award” from equipment manufacturer; Oceanic.  He has frequently delivered papers at conferences and is a regular contributor to PADI’s Undersea Journal and Dive Log Australasia. A regular visitor to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Terry continues to explore the magnificent underwater cave system found there. So if you’re free, come along, it will be another great, informative night!

An aerial shot of a group of whale sharks Terry got on his last trip to Mexico

We will be having pizza at 6:30 and the presentation will start at 7. To make sure we have enough food please RSVP to our Facebook page or send an email to dive@abyss.com.au

See you all there!

Abyss Team



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