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Wetsuit Fit

Trying on a new wetsuit is not one of the world’s most pleasurable experiences. The problem is it bone dry and almost hydrophilic in nature. You need to have no moisture on your body and you should try it in a cool area. The wetsuit needs to be firm fitting and you need to remember that once it is wet it will become more flexible and loosen off a bit.  Actually if it slides on easily, it is probably too loose.

The trick to pulling on a wetsuit is to start low on the body and move up. Pull an ankle over a foot first, and then stretch out the lower leg of the suit over your calf. Put the other foot in and do the same.

Puting on a wetsuit

Firstly pull up to calf on both legs

Pull both legs over your knees, stretching them up as far as you can. Then pull the leg up over your thigh as far as you can.

Putting on a wetsuit

Then pull the leg up over your thigh

Be sure the crouch of the wetsuit is as high as you can get it before you try to put your arms in the sleeves.

putting on a wetsuit

Put your arms in

Now get someone to pull up the zip and secure the Velcro.  Don’t try to do this yourself.

a good fitting wetsuit

Remember a wetsuit must fit snugly

Remember a wetsuit must fit snugly if it is to be an effective at keeping you warm and it will loosen off once it gets wet.




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