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Shore Dives in Sydney with Abyss

by Mel Wylie

Wondering what to do on the weekend? Come diving with Abyss!

Abyss offers FREE Divemaster lead shore dives every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for all qualified divers. Why dive with Abyss? Whether you’re a recently certified diver or an experienced diver, Abyss offers numerous dives to build your confidence and challenge yourself to build on your experiences, and to of course have fun! What does Abyss offer which is different to all other dive shops? They provide a free Divemaster to lead your dives!

A group of Abyss shore divers at Oak Park, Cronulla

For those of you who have recently completed their Open Water certification, getting back in the water without your instructor seems a bit daunting. This is why Abyss is best for you. With our free Divemaster lead shore dives, you can easily get back into the water without any worries. The professional Divemaster’s have been specifically trained to help accommodate all diver needs and help make the diving experience fun and enjoyable. They help you build on your confidence and help challenge you within professional guidance.

For those of you who are more experienced divers, Abyss offers specific shore dives to more challenging dive sites around Sydney to offer you a bit more of a challenge. These more challenging shore dives offer the opportunity for divers to expand on their experiences and skills whether it be with more difficult navigation, experiencing deeper dives, or going on a search and recovery treasure hunt, Abyss offers it all. These shore dives require divers to have a minimum of 20 dives, and preferably divers holding their Advanced Open Water certification, so if your interested in these types of dives make sure your ready for a bit more of a challenge when diving!

Abyss Christmas dive 2012

Sydney has scores of different dive sites to offer, as well as numerous sites only an hour away. Each Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Abyss offers the opportunity to experience these dive sites that are right at your door step. You can customize your shore dives to fit in with your schedules very easily. The shore dives consist of two dives finishing around 2-3pm. If you have a bit of a busier schedule, you can come for one dive and be finished before 12pm which allows you the rest of the day to catch up with friends and family. But with all the fun that will be going on with Abyss, you will find it difficult to bring yourself to leave once the day is over.

During your shore diving experiences, you will meet many different divers exactly like you, and who may be interested in different aspect of diving which you’re soon to discover. Abyss has numerous social events after our shore dives such as free BBQs back at the shop, or simply heading over to the pub for a cold drink after the day. You will create new friends and build your confidence and experience with us here at Abyss.

Our superinstructors Blake and Brett on the Halloween night dive

So, still not sure what to do this weekend? Come diving with Abyss and experience what your missing out on. Check out our online calendar for all our upcoming dives!