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Dive Lessons

Doing a PADI learn to dive lesson only takes 2 days but it will open up an opportunity to enjoy the underwater world for decades to come. When choosing where to do your diving lessons it must be remembered that this is a lifelong investment that not only trains you in the use of underwater life support equipment but if you become PADI certified then your dive training will be recognised throughout the world.

Underwater world

An opportunity to enjoy the underwater world for decades to come

PADI learn to dive lessons with Abyss Scuba Diving in Sydney are designed to personalise the training through small classes ensuring that you can be given the personalised attention needed to maximise your learning and safety while minimising the time wastage that occurs in large groups while you are waiting for others to learn their skills.

At Abyss Scuba Diving we begin our PADI dive lessons with PADI eLearning enabling you to learn the theory in your own time and at your own pace and ensuring you come to the in-water lessons with a good grounding in scuba diving and hence ensuring you can easily understand the in-water portion of the course.

Learn to dive in the pool

The perfect environment to lean your diving skills

The in-water portion of the dive lessons occurs over 2 days, beginning in a swimming pool where our PADI instructors help you develop all the skills you are going to need to dive safely in the ocean. By working in small classes in the swimming pool, it is easy for you to stand up and discuss issues with the instructor and once under the water it is the perfect environment for you to observe your instructor and for your instructor to work with you to ensure your dive skills are perfect.

Once you have completed your confined water training then we head off to the ocean to do an ocean dive and check out the Sydney marine life. This is the fun part of the lesson and due to the small size of your group, your dive instructor can ensure that you can adapt to diving in the ocean environment. To further increase your confidence during the ocean part of your dive lessons, all our PADI open water courses are taught under the added security of shark shields.

Weedy Seadragon

Check out the Sydney marine life

On the second day of your dive lessons you will go out and do 3 more ocean dives. During these dives you will practice the dive skills you learnt during the pool training and you will develop confidence and improve your diving techniques. Because the classes are taught in small groups, this means that the time taken up while others practice their skills is minimised and for this reason you spend much more time swimming around and enjoying the ocean environment while having the security and safety of your dive instructor.

When choosing where to do your diving lessons it must be remembered that this is a lifelong investment and that by choosing a PADI store that will focus on you as an individual then you will enjoy the experience and gain skills that will ensure that scuba diving becomes a lifelong pleasure.