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Choosing the Right Dive School

Choosing the right dive school when you learn to dive plays a key part in determining if scuba diving is going to become a lifelong experience or a fad you tried one. Scuba diving has so much to offer, it gives use access to the last frontier, it enables us to be one with nature, and it is an extremely social sport that can take us on adventures around the world.


Be One With Nature

When choosing a dive school it is important that you consider the following:

 Has the Dive School got a Good Reputation? Check for reviews in such places as TripAdvisor to see what others have experienced with the dive school.


What is the Standard of the Staff. Check out to see if the staff is well trained. How many Course Directors, Master Instructors, Staff Instructors it employs. The higher the standard of training the dive school has for its staff the higher the standard of training available to you.


Is it a PADI Dive School. PADI is the most recognised dive training agency thought the world and although certain local factors may result in high numbers of certain other certifying agency shops in certain localised area, PADI by far dominates and is by far the best choice when choosing a dive school. Ideally choose a minimum of a PADI 5 star dive Center, with a PADI 5 Star IDC a better choice and a 5 Star CDC the best choice when looking for the best dive school.


Learn to dive class

Teaching Small Classes Makes it Easier to Learn.

Student to Instructor Ratio. Before choosing your dive school always enquire about the student to instructor ratio. Some schools  may have 8 or even 10 students for each instructor where as the best number is around 3-4. The high ratios not only means that you waist your time watching others learn how to dive but also the instructor cannot pay you the attention you may need to solve your specific problems,


What is the quality of the Dive School Equipment.  Ensure that the dive school does supply all your equipment, how can you be expect to understand what equipment will best meet your needs prior to learning to dive.  To maximise your comfort and enjoyment the dive school should supply its students with boots and fins (ideally split fins), weight integrated BCD’s and ideally steel tanks.


What activities does the Dive School Offer After the Course Once you completed your course you want to dive with a club that offers a large range of diving opportunities.  It should offer lots of local diving activities, dive travel and an opportunity to improve your skills through continued diver training options.


Ongoing Training

Choosing the right dive school when you learn to dive will determining if scuba diving is going to become a lifelong adventure and should be seen as an investment in decades of wonder and pleasure.

Learn to Dive

Small classes are the key to a great dive school.