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Sydney’s Leading Dive Club

Abyss Scuba Diving has the motto “we will go to great depths to ensure your diving pleasure”.  One of the great aspects of Abyss Scuba Diving is their dive club and their dive club related activities. Abyss has Sydney’s most active dive club.  The dive club offers:

Free dive master led shore dives every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The dives are designed to build confidence, challenge yourself, to build on your experiences, and of course to have fun!  To improve the social aspect of the dive the is a free light lunch is provided for free on the Saturday and  Sunday Dives (peanut butter, bread roles, jelly snakes and the famous Rosella Tomato soup).The dives are free to come on and any equipment any rental equipment is 20% discounted for dive club members.


Abyss Scuba is Divers Having fun

On a Shore Dive at Kurnell

After some dives Abyss has free BBQ which increases the social aspect of the dive club. On most days when there is no BBQ then the Intersection Hotel is just across the road from the dive shop and it is a nice location to have a social drink and talk about the days diving and the adventures you are planning to have.


The Abyss Christmas Party 2012

Abyss has monthly dive club nights on the last Wednesday of every month, there’s even free pizza for nights held at the shop!! Keep an eye on the web calendar for events.



As a member of the club you are entitled to the following:


  • 10% off the recommended retail price of dive equipment.


  • 30% off gear hire when you book and pay online (20% in-shop rental)


  • 20% off air fills – save even more with an air fill card.


  • A Special offer only for dive club members Abyss makes to its club members is to be able to dive from only $30 a day. Prepay 10 days scuba gear rental (BCD, Reg, Tank, weights) for $300. Add wetsuit hire for only $100.


Remember our speciality is diving and whether it be dive training, dive equipment, or dive travel then we can help you.


It's all about having Fun.

It’s all about having Fun.