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The Magic of the Magic Point Shark Dive

When you are on the boat about to do a shark dive there is always some nervous divers. Once you descend Wand see the sharks the fear is gone. The best explanation is, it is like seeing a big graceful fish, which are actually scared of you. We all have the Jaws movie in our mind e before we enter the water. Once down there you realise it is nothing like that!

grey nurse sharks

The Grey Nurse Sharks are part of the Magic of Magic Point

I think one of the best boat dives in Sydney is Magic Point Maroubra. This is where the grey nurse sharks are. On this dive you will not only get to see the  sharks that are in about 15m of water you will also see groper, weedy sea dragons, schooling yellow tail, cutlet fish and lots more. At the right time of year you will also see a heap of port Jackson sharks and crested horn sharks as well.

Blue Groper

Blur Gropers add to the Magic

It is a really easy dive that all qualified diver can do. It is only a 5 min boat trip out to the side so no sea sickness! The boat anchors very close to the shark over hang so you can basically descend down the line swim 20m and the site and see the sharks. I would say on average there is 8 sharks there but number range from 0-20. They are wild creatures so we can not guarantee they will be there but I would give it a 95% chance there would be at least 1 there.

The shark cave is in 15m of water and the reef slopes down to a max depth of 22m, so all divers can do this one. This dive is a great one. You will love it!!

Please note the following rules and tips:
Shark diving rules in critical habits.

– No scuba diving between sunset and sunrise;
– No blocking entrances to caves or gutters when the sharks are there;
– No feeding or touching the sharks;
– No chasing or harassing the sharks;
– No electronic shark repelling devices; and no underwater scooters
This is certainly a must do dive and one that I have done many times and enjoyed. Be sure to take you camera and capture the magic of the Magic Point

yellow tail

The Magic of a Large School of Yellow Tail

shark dive.