Tip of the Week

Think Head, Fingers and Toes

July to September is the best time of the year to dive in Sydney. Generally the seas are flatter and the visibility is great. The flat seas allow us to do more sites, sites that can rarely be done in summer like Voodoo, Cape Solander and shark point. The marine life changes bringing the loved Port Jackson sharks out, cuttlefish mating and even the whales migrate.

So don’t cut back your diving due to the cooler weather. Enjoy the great diving season and just rug up to overcome the cold.

Gaint Cuttle Fish

Enjoy the great diving season and just rug up to overcome the cold.

1. Head. Even if you were swimming naked, your head would still be responsible for something like 40 percent of your body’s heat loss. How is that possible? A large percentage of your blood flow goes to your head, where much of it circulates just under your scalp. Also, the blood vessels in your head, unlike those in your arms, legs and torso, do not constrict in response to cold. This large blood flow, close to the surface, is therefore cooled easily and returns to your torso, cooling your body’s core.

So wear a hood whenever you dive in water below 18c.

Between dives make sure you put something on that head to maintain body temperature. A woollen beany is great. I would also recommend a wind proof jacket over your wetsuit in order to reduce the cooling effect as water evaporates from your wetsuit.

2. Fingers and Toes. have a high surface-area-to-volume ratio, so they lose heat easily. They are also the first to lose blood flow when your body constricts blood vessels in response to cold. Get yourself a decent pair of dive gloves and if you are really serious about maximising your diving pleasure think about getting a pair of lavacore dive socks.

So come on in and enjoy the fun and make sure you stay warm during and between the dives.