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Buying a Scuba Diving Package

Scuba Diving Gear

There is nothing like the security & comfort of your own dive gear.

If you are considering the purchase of your scuba diving gear it is best to buy a scuba gear package rather than individual items. To help you do this Abyss Scuba Diving have a web page which enables you to configure your own dive equipment and see the effect on price as you change from one type of dive equipment to another. A full set of scuba gear starts at $999 and you can change the gear to meet your diving needs.

Abyss Scuba Diving -Scuba Gear package Configuration Page

When buying scuba gear it is a good idea to buy the gear as a package as this will not only save you money in greater discounts but ensures that your equipment is configured for maximum performance and that they are timed for service at the same time.

When deciding on your equipment ensures you choose a BCD that you feel comfortable with and suits your style of diving. Always purchase a regulator which is the best you can afford and that way you will not grow out of it and it will meet your diving needs for at least the decade to come. If there is one piece of equipment that you can economise on then it is your dive computer, as technology is been constantly upgraded and as your diving becomes more challenging, then your original dive computer can be used as a backup. At the very least get a nitrox compatible dive computer but these days the most basic computer will meet the needs of the average diver.

Remember if you buy a Scuba Package from Abyss Scuba Diving then it comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty, which includes a 5 year warranty on the dive computer and Parts for Life on the servicing of your equipment.

Spend some time checking out the Abyss Scuba Diving “Scuba Gear package Configuration” page and then come on in and have a talk to us and we will help you match a package up to meet your scuba diving needs.

Peter Letts