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Abyss Shake

The Abyss Shake is a new under antic that you can easily play on any dive. The aim of the Abyss Shake is video yourself dancing as long as you can behind a diver without them noticing.

Basically all you need is a camera with video mode, and an easily distracted diver (aka the Target)… It is absolutely hilarious particularly if you get away with it and the diver that has fallen victim to the Abyss Shake has no idea until you play it back to them after the dive.

So it is very simple to do. Just follow these basic steps and once you have done an Abyss Shake make sure you post the video on the Abyss Facebook page for everyone to laugh at…

Step one: Make sure there is someone on the dive with a camera to record your underwater antics.

Step two: Distract the victim by pointing at something or just sneak up behind them. Either way you just need to make sure that they don’t know what you are doing. Keep in mind safety at all times and remember to breathe! lol

Step Three: Dance your butt off without them knowing.

Special note: if the target turns around and see you, quickly stop and pretend that nothing is happening. This will allow you to continue the shake and makes it even more funny.

Step four: Post the edited video with some funky audio onto the Abyss Facebook page and watch it go viral! Make sure you tag the Abyss Shake ‘victim’ into the post so they can laugh along.

For Advanced Abyss Shakers ONLY: Try and recruit multiple people to join in the shake. This just make for more bragging rights when they watch it on the Abyss Facebook page.

Check out the first Abyss Shake to be recorded. I hope you all enjoy it.

Enjoy and we can’t wait to watch you Abyss Shakes.