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Diver Propulsion Vehicles

Underwater Scooters or also known as Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPV’s) allow you to explore those typically inaccessible places, let you stay down longer and are so bloody fun it is ridiculous.


Bladefish DPV

Bladefish DPV

Underwater Scooters are basically underwater scooters that assist the diver in moving through the water. There are various types and models of these ranging from recreational models through to full technical diving Diver Propulsion Vehicles.


Last DPV course run at Abyss Scuba Diving had three divers really put the full range of Blade Fish DPV’s to the test. During the Underwater Scooter Course we expanded student diver knowledge about choosing the right DPV by looking at types and features, DPV maintenance and transportation, DPV dive planning and safety, and DPV diving procedures. The students also looked at how to plan and organize a safe DPV diving experience, the basic techniques of using a DPV, the problems and hazards of diving with a DPV, and how to interact responsibly with the aquatic life they’ll see while using a DPV.


The program kicked off at Abyss Scuba Diving HQ, with a classroom session with their PADI Instructor Carl Fallon. The students were orientated to the program and reviewed theory and some other foundational basics prior to heading out to the Ocean.


Ready to try out the Bkadefish DPV

Ready to try out the Bkadefish DPV

The team then headed out to the Oak Park dive site to implement and train using the different models of the Bladfish DPV’s. As the graduating dive, the team planned and implemented a specialty dive using the underwater scooters and travelled from Oak Park through to the exit point to Bass & Flinders Point inside the river.


Everyone really enjoyed the thrill and adventure of being able to go faster and further than normal. When asked if they enjoyed the course the students explained the feeling was very similar to being on an amusement ride.  They said they loved how they could spiral around, duck and weave through the reef and knowing how to do it safely and to the plan was re-assuring.


Carl Fallon