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Drysuit Dive Course in Sydney

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Drysuit Diving

Generally from June to Septemberis the best diving in Sydney. The sea will get fatter and flatter and the vis will get better and better. Along with this the water temperature does drop.

At the moment the cuttlefish are out in full force, get out to oak park and check them out. They are about a meter long and displaying there beautiful colours in the mating dance. In the next months the port Jackson and crested horn sharks will be calling past. Also a must see experience. Keep an eye out for there babies and there eggs that we usually see around September.

In sydney we are lucky enough that the water does not get super cold. If you have a good semi dry with a hood you will be comfortable on a shore dive all year around, for the first dive of the day. It is really just for the second dive and between the dives that I get cold, and this is where a dry suit comes into play.

It is so nice doing a dive pulling down your suit down and being warm and dry between the dives ready for the next one.

Over the the period June to September we have drysuit courses happening where you get to try diving dry. It is a strange feeling but a great one!

Check out the details of our Drysuit course or to book on. It is a one day program.

Go on give it a try dive dry.