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Turtle Diving

 Have you ever thought what it would be like to swim like a turtle? Yes you say… Well a team of Side-mount Divers have started a global diving craze where divers all around the world are starting up ‘Turtle Diving’.


Turtle Diver

Typical Turtle Diver

While on expedition in the Maldives the team developed this mesmerizing art, which allows the divers to experience the inner mind of turtles. During the act of ‘Turtle diving’, divers channel their inner turtle in order to prepare for the forthcoming Turtle Dive.


Utilizing a modified single-tank side-mount configuration by Hollis, divers mount their tank and use their arms to propel themselves through the water column. Diving, gliding and being one with the ocean allow them to really “be the turtle”.


Be the turtle

Be the turtle

As you can see in the video, during Turtle Diving it is important to periodically pause and hover. This allows you to experience the weightlessness and effortlessness that turtles are renowned for. You can move gently through the water column for enhanced Turtle Zen. Utilise the educational video to help you understand, prepare and execute your first unforgettable “Turtle Dives”.



Divers wishing to participate in Turtle Diving are recommended to have both the PADI Side-mount Diver and the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver qualifications to safely participate.


Just remember, be the Turtle and… Turtle Power!

Signing out from the heart of the Maldives, the Abyss Scuba Diving Side-mount Team.

Turtle Diving

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