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Abyss Treasure Hunt 2013 Details


Abyss is holding their annual treasure hunt on the 25th of August. The day is always a lot of fun, involving driving around collecting clues and also doing a dive to collect hidden treasure. At the end of the day there will be a free BBQ where lots of prizes will be given out. The day is free to attend and is aimed at all levelled divers to participate. Please book in advance via our website here for the treasure hunt as spaces are limited and read through the details below.

Booking for the day: You will need to book in for the treasure hunt online by Wednesday 21st August and to have your group list emailed by Friday 23rd August.  Any late bookings will result in -5 points at the beginning of the hunt.

Timing: The first clue will be handed out at 9am at Abyss Scuba Diving. You will be able to leave at 9:30am to begin. If you need gear hire, please pre book and be here between 8:30 – 9am to collect it.
All answers must be submitted back to a staff member by 2pm. Point deductions will be allocated for forms submitted after this time.

Teams: There will be a maximum of 5 people per team but you must all fit in one car, with at least two of these members being certified divers. You will need at least one non-diver to help collect on land clues but is not able to enter to receive any individual prizes. Please send through your group lists via email at the time of booking, or we can help allocate teams.

Requirements: You will need your dive gear, a pen to write down all your answers, and of course a car! There will also be extra points given out for pirate costumes!

Rules: The judge’s decision is final.
Work together in teams to collect as many points as possible, but points will be allocated on an individual basis, so keep your dive dollars to yourself!
No more than 3 dive dollars from each group is to be removed from the water.
Do not break any road rules or safe diving rules. If we catch you doing the wrong thing you will not be able to achieve the prize tally.
Most importantly, the day is meant to be FUN! So please, no cheating…

BBQ: Follow the clues and at the end of the day there will be a free BBQ lunch at the dive site. It is BYO drinks.

Prizes: The part everyone is most excited about! There are plenty of prizes to be won!  Prizes will be drawn from a raffle. The more points you get, the more raffle tickets you will receive to increase your chances of winning. Our major prize is the Aries Jetpack!! So Good luck!