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Become A Master Scuba Diver!


What is a Master Scuba Diver?

Do you love diving, love blowing bubbles and exploring the underwater world, want to develop your diving skills and get the most out of your underwater adventures? Then you should become a Master Scuba Diver!

Master Scuba Divers (MSD’s) are the black belts of recreational diving. It is a rating awarded by PADI to recognise those divers who have taken their training to the next level and mastered lots of different aspects of diving. MSD is the highest non-professional certification you can obtain as a PADI diver.

To become a Master Scuba Diver you must meet the following requirements:

You might be thinking that this sounds like a lot of work, but you can choose whatever specialty courses you want, so you can do more of the diving that interests you while working your way to MSD. And the end result is amazing, you will be a much more confident, capable diver with a range of experience in lots of different areas in diving and you will get the top recreational rating by the biggest diving organisation in the world, pretty cool huh!?!

For those that want to achieve their diving black belt, Abyss have also put together a special Master Scuba Diver Package that will give you everything you need to become a Master Scuba Diver, with a range of different course options and a FREE Thermalution heated vest (RRP $633)


Abyss Master Scuba Diver Package

The Master Scuba Diver Package developed by Abyss includes the following:


Become a Master Scuba Diver

So what specialty courses can I do??

Deep Diver Course

Definitely a favourite among students and Instructors. The Deep Diver course will teach you techniques to make recreational deep diving safe and fun. Learn techniques appropriate to deep diving and maybe experience nitrogen narcosis under the supervision of a PADI Deep Dive Instructor and at the end you will be certified and confident to dive down to a depth of 40m!

Wreck Diver Course

Another favourite among students and Instructors, the Wreck Diver specialty will teach you the tips and tricks to safely dive through wrecks you have previously been swimming around wondering what’s going on on the inside! With the Ex HMAS Adelaide now only a short drive from Sydney, the wreck diver specialty is perfect for those wanting to give their diving a new dimension.

Enriched Air Course

The Enriched Air Specialty course is pretty much a must for every diver. It is designed to teach you the procedures for safe, recreational no decompression diving using enriched air (nitrox). Nitrox diving is ideal for deeper diving and multiple days of diving that you would typically do on a dive holiday to extend your no decompression limits and all that extra oxygen really does make you feel good after a dive!

Sidemount Specialty Course

So even if you haven’t tried it yet, you’ve probably heard about Sidemount diving. It is fast becoming the preferred gear configuration for cave divers, technical divers and recreational divers who want to get the most out of their bottom time. Sidemount diving provides added safety with extra gas and redundancy, takes no time at all to master buoyancy and will really make a difference to your diving!

Navigation Course

So who has ever been lost on a dive, popped up nowhere near the boat or exit, or do you just swim around randomly following your buddy or the divemaster, trusting they’re taking you in the right direction? If you answered no to these questions, you’re either ridiculously navigationally gifted or a liar… The Underwater Navigation specialty course will teach you all the tips and tricks to navigating successfully and safely on every dive, and let’s be honest, good navigation is a great way to impress your dive buddy!

Peak Performance Buoyancy Course

We have all seen those divers that appear to glide through the water effortlessly with hardly any effort like they were born to be a diver. Honestly, they probably weren’t, it was probably a combination of lots of practice and perfecting their buoyancy that has given them the skills to look like a fish. The Peak Performance Buoyancy course is a great way to learn the tips and tricks to rapidly improve your buoyancy skills, confidence as a diver and also your air consumption. For all those newer divers that want a quick boost in buoyancy skills or even experienced divers who don’t think theirs is as good as it could be this course is a must!

Night Diver Course

As they say, the weirdos come out at night. Well that’s not entirely true with night diving but it will blow you away how different the marine life is at night. All those photosensitive fish that are normally crammed under rock ledges are out swimming freely around the dive site. The Blue Gropers and other Wrasse are all asleep safely hiding under rocks making it safe for the Crabs, Shrimp and Urchins to come out of their hiding places. Octopus, Cuttlefish and Squid are more active at night making it possible for night divers to interact with these interesting creatures. Explore your favourite dive sites in the dark and you won’t believe how different it is!

Tec 40 Course

Dive deeper, stay longer, that’s what Tec diving is all about! The PADI Tec 40 course will get you started in the knowledge, skills and procedures to be able to perform limited decompression dives to 40m, using either a modified recreational diving rig, or a sidemount rig. This course will massively improve your diving skills, trim, confidence and let you stay longer on all those good dives!

Plus many others are available, check out the specialty dive page for further details.


To sign up for the Master Scuba Diver Package book on our website, give us a call (02) 9583 9662 or come into the shop and have a chat with us about your course options.

Take the Challenge and become a Master Scuba Diver, you won’t regret it!!