Dive Gear

The iSea housing for iPhones

The iSea housing  allows you to take your phone diving and capture images and videos, and be able to upload them straight away to the Internet without having to edit or reformat the footage at all.  There are two different housings available for the IPhone 4 and 5.


The housing has been pressure tested to 66m, and I have personally dived with the case on multiple dives at multiple depths and haven’t experienced any issues with it.


The case has a patented vacuum kiss valve that allows you to instantly see if the case will leak before you even get in the water. If the housing has any obstructions the vacuum seal with not be made. Most camera housings require you to submerge the housing to view for leakage, which can open up the opportunity to your camera being flooded/damaged.

The case is very easy to use. Firstly, you must set your camera in either video or camera modes before placing it into the case then suck on the kiss valve to create the vacuum seal. It has a singular button for operation and you can download a free App from Mocean Armor that allows you to take images and footage with a simple shake of the phone.

The housing also features a ¼-20 tread on the bottom to attach a hand-held mount and a stainless steel landyard attach point to aid image/film footage stability as well as keeping it attached to you at all times.


The case itself is a solid piece of 6061 marine grade aluminum then mil-spec anodized and pressure tested before being shipped. I have personally taken this camera on both shore and boat dives and have captured some fantastic images/film footage. I have tested filming with the case with the attached hand held mount on a boat trip in Wollongong to dive with the seals; I got great quality footage even at 19m. Also, I tested the image quality on shore dives at Bare Island I was able to get some great shots at 12 – 14m. This case is very easy to use and is close to impossible to flood due to the vacuum valve.


There were only two downsides to the case that I found. One, is you cannot switch between video and photo mode on the camera once it is in the case. So you have to decide what type of imaging you’d like to capture before you jump in. The second downside to the case was if you happened to be fiddling with the vacuum valve and flood the case (which is highly unlikely to occur), you not only flood your camera, but say goodbye to your phone as well.


Overall the Isea housing is a very practical case for those who have iPhones, easy to operate underwater and is highly durable. The kiss vacuum valve allows you to ensure the case wont leak even before entering the water and though it is not touch screen, the free app available to operate the phone with a ‘shake’ makes the case even easier to operate.

Taken on a iPhone 4 in a iSea housing