Tip of the Week

Transmitter or Gauge

Some divers when they buy a dive computer with a transmitter ask if they should have a gauge on a hose as a backup. The idea behind a transmitter is not only to allow you to integrate your air consumption with you dive data and hence maximise your safety. The second benefit of having a transmitter based dive computer is to eliminate a hose and the resultant risks of blowing a hose and entanglement.

Dive Computer Transmitter

Dive Computer Transmitter

If you then add a hose back to the system you have added another failure point and hence increased the risk of having problems while on the dive. If a transmitter fails, then your computer tells you and you safely abort the dive knowing at the time the problem occurred that you had sufficient air in the system to surface making all the necessary stops.

Blown Hose

Hose blows your air goes

If a pressure hose blows, you abort the dive knowing although you had sufficient air when the hose blew but it is quickly empting out of the tank through the hole in the hose.
My recommendation is buy a transmitter based computer such as the Oceanic OC1 and then certainly don’t have a pressure gauge on a high pressure hose.

Peter Letts