Diving with Seals / Marine Life

Diver attacked by Birds

Is it a plane? Is it superman? No it’s a bird!

Arriving in Wollongong the day looked amazing and we were all super excited to go diving with seals. There were dolphins in the bay, and on the boat ride out we had two whales swim right past the boat, amazing!!
When we arrived at the dive site, the seals were jumping in the water getting ready to go diving with us, so we kitted up as quick as we could to jump into the water and start our dive.
The seals were super friendly like always, but there was another animal that was getting super friendly, birds! Yes Birds 15m underwater. On the first dive I had birds swimming right down to me and pecking at my ears and fingertips, of course no one believed me on the surface interval.

Birds Attack

Birds Attacking Black

The next dive was even more interesting, about 10 minutes into the dive, swarms or birds were coming down to check us out, not sure if they thought we were fish, or they were protecting their young but there were at least 20 birds at a time coming in and swooping at us underwater. They liked to have a little nibble on the camera lens and also our hair and ears. I have heard of magpies doing this on land, but birds 15m underwater? It definitely felt like a Hitchcock movie!
I thought it was pretty cool to experience this, as I have never heard of it happening quite like this before !!