Stories from our interns

Life in the Intern House

Welcome to the house of…. ummm, well I’ll let you be the judge of that….

There are many different ways you can describe life in the intern house. For me fun, exciting and chilled are the first things that come to mind. I think a little orientation is in need before we start.  The house has five bedrooms, so it can hold up to ten people. This may sound like a lot but if it wasn’t for each individual person bringing something new to the house, it wouldn’t have the family environment it does.


Family D.I.Y Bonding session

The large living room is ideal for cosy get-togethers. Watch a movie, munch on the pizza we just ordered or simply for a heart to heart with other house mates, this place brings people together. Leading onto the study room which has a library of books for discussing what we saw on the days dive we head into the kitchen. A large kitchen with the amount of storage you would only see in the tardis. Here we cook group meals, play music ect – it soon became the heart of the house where people head to socialise. Lastly we head outside and we find the best thing about the house, a hidden gem, the swimming pool. Oh the memories I have of that pool. A popular game that was created by Rhys, Nate and myself was throw Olivia in the pool. We failed many times at this, but on her last day here we finally succeeded – YES!!

Now, this house created a family. People come and go from this place, but you don’t forget them. The family right now is made up of some great people. We start with our dad, Andrew. He looked after us and was always there if we needed some advice. Nadine soon after arriving took the role of mum. She kept us kids in line but was never harsh to us, although we get mad when she confiscated our ball. The kids we made up of Rhys, Curtis and myself. We could be classed as trouble makers, the people who brought laughter and chaos to the house. Tara is our hot nanny, as she baby sits us and tells us of to mum when we do something wrong. We also have Tom, our very own cook. If you ever want some brownies made up, he’s the man to ask. Lastly we come to our crazy American step sisters, Kara and Noel. These people, although the kids, don’t cause as much trouble as the rest of us and but are still pretty crazy – even more after a few at the IE party.


The crazy American step-sisters

People do come and go and once there was just three guys here. With a house of three guys and no girls to keep us in line, some naughty things (alright cheeky, not those things!) do happen. We invented a game once called catch. This was heaps of fun and brought hours of entertainment to the house. However, justifying this game to the girls once a cup broke wasn’t the best experience in the end. Although, you can’t always rely on the girls to keep you in line. With a day off and weather you would only expect to get in England trouble was bound to take shape. This was in the form of a shaving foam fight between the housemates. An unforgettable day which made everyone laugh and forget the horrible weather outside. It’s random events like this that brings people in the house together.


Think of it however you want. This isn’t just a place to live while doing your internship. This place will be come your home. Friendships aren’t made in this place, families are formed!