Dive Gear

Caring for your Scuba Regulators

Providing preventive maintenance will ensure you get the maximum life from your regulators and keep them performing the way they were designed to. After each dive your regulators should be cleaned, inspected and stored.


A regulator pulled down

A regulator pulled down

  1. Lets start with the dust cap, quite often I see regulators coming back from dives without the dust cap fitted. It`s important to dry the dust cap either by wiping or blowing the water out before fitting, this prevents moisture entering the 1st stage.
  2. Your regulators should be rinsed with fresh water as soon as possible after the days diving. There are several methods you can use.
    1. If you have a cylinder available attach the regulator and open the valve to pressurize. This will prevent moisture entering while soaking. Push the purge button a few times while submerged to clean the 2nd stage.
    2. If you don`t have a cylinder available ensure the dust cap is securely fitted and then soak. Do not push the purge button while submerged, moisture can enter which will require the regulator to be serviced.
  3. While the regulators are submerged move any levers back and forth or knobs to  ensure all salt deposits are removed.
  4. After your regulators have had a good soak remove them from the water and if still fitted to a cylinder shake as much water out as possible then purge the regulator several times. If the regulators are not fitted to a cylinder shake as much water out as possible.
  5. Wipe your regulators dry if they are to be stored in a regulator bag.
  6. Don’t use any type of solvent or petroleum based products to clean your regulators.