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Best Time For Diving in Sydney.

Diving Conditions in Sydney can vary greatly, with visibility ranging from 3-30 m. By far the best time of the year for diving in Sydney is during the period July to September, as the westerly winds flatten out the seas and bring in clear blue water from the open ocean.

As the seas get flatter which means we have access to dive sites that are more exposed and can rarely be dived during other times of the year, such as Voodoo, Cape Solander, Shark Point, etc.

These sites are some of the best shore diving around Sydney and are as good as anything you get from a boat.

Sydney offers some excellent diving with a broad range of marine life. A recent study revealed that Sydney has more marine species than any other harbour in the world. Some 600 marine animals have already been identified and we can be sure that there are more to be found.

During this prime diving period for diving (July to September), Sydney is visited by Gaint Cuttlefish which come in to lay its eggs and Port Jackson Sharks which come in by there hundreds to mate.

Giant Cuttlefish

Giant Cuttlefish

During this period  the seals come to visit! this is probably one of the most exciting things to happen as they are only here while the water is cooler. As anyone who has dived with them, they really are the puppies of the sea and just so playful, you really wont get interaction with any other ocean creature quite like this.

So if you enjoy diving and you are in Sydney during the period of July to September then make sure you go diving. The water temperature will be around 15c so make sure you are wearing the appropriate thermal protection but the diving is well worth it.

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Diving is Well Worth The Effort

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