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Cascade Waterfalls Vanuatu

Cascade Waterfalls

Here in Vanuatu I am staying on the island Efate. Apart from the incredible diving here, there are numerous attractions to visit and experience. One in particular is the Cascade Waterfalls. Located a short walk from Mele beach, Cascade Waterfall Park is a beautiful scenic walk following the fresh water streams, through the cascades and up to the giant waterfall that flows all year round.

The paths take you through the forest, bamboo forests and stream slowly leading you to the waterfall. There are hundreds of natural pools formed from the cascades that you can swim in and flow down to the next pool below.
At the top, exploring the waterfall and cascades is endless. The water is very fresh and cool, so it’s fantastic for a refreshing swim after walking through the humid forest.

During the climb up to the base of the waterfall, there are rope railings you hold onto to pull yourself up against the power of the water flowing into you. At the base of the waterfall, all you can hear is water crashing down from above you. Standing completely underneath the waterfall is very cool, but extremely loud and the water hits into you with such force.

There is a smaller waterfall that you can climb to through numerous cascades and some forest. Here, it is a lot quieter and gives you an incredible view of the forest below you. At this point you can see how deep into the forest you are, to the point you can’t even see the beach that is just at the bottom.

So far, visiting the Cascade Waterfalls has been one of my favorite activities, and I’d love to do it again before I come home! I would recommend a visit to anyone visiting Vanuatu.

Cascade waterfalls