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Drysuits are Great Between Dives

I love my dry suit between dives!

In Sydney the water does not get super cold. Most divers are happy enough to dive all year around with the addition of hooded vest to there 7mm semi drys. While some divers find that they cut back on diving in the colder months. It is these divers that I would like to encourage to come along and give a drysuit a try.

Why stop the sport you love while the seas are flat from the westerly winds, the Port Jacksons Sharks are out and everyone else is having so much fun. I must agree it is not fun if you are cold on a dive. I find the actual dive is fine it is between the dives that I get cold and do not want to do the second one.

Well if this is your problem, lets find a solution…

It is a kind of weird feeling when you first get in the water in a drysiit. You can feel the water but you are not wet. It does take a bit of getting used to diving in a drysuit but after a course and a few dives you will love it. The best bit is the surface interval, it is so nice having the soup and chat between the dives while wearing your warm clothes. The only thing wet is your hear and hands….

So if you have been not coming diving or getting cold on a dive come along do a drysuit course and give it a go.

Drysuit staying warm

Using a Drysuit to Stay Warm Between Dives