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Night Dive on the Coolidge

25m in the Dark, at night on a Wreck.
One of my most memorable dives is a night dive with no lights on the Coolidge. I am not usually a big night diving fan, but this night dive was different. The whole dive was done with no lights and it was the ghost light figure in front of me and the flashing starts that I was following. No I was not on any drugs, but I was swimming around a wreck in 25m all without a light.
I know it sounds a little crazy but is certainly a must do dive if you head to Santo to dive the President Coolidege. You enter the water with you lights off and as the guide swims they are lit up by the bioluminescence so you can follow them. They will guide you down to the cargo hold where you look inside to what looks like a black sky full of shooting stars. What it really is, is the flash light fish. This is why you have to keep you lights off. After checking out the cargo holds you head up to the side of the wreck where you can turn your lights back on and head back to the shore.
Certainly a dive I will never forget and a I looking forward to doing again.

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