Dive Gear / Tip of the Week

Why Buy a Wetsuit

Although the financial aspect of buying gear is the first concern for many divers, I believe that I dive for the shear enjoyment of diving and hence the most important thing when looking at a wetsuit is personal comfort and safety although health and convenience come very close behind.

Along with owning your own mask, snorkel, boots and fins, owning your own wetsuit is key to obtaining the maximum enjoyment from you diving adventures.


Puting on a wetsuit

Buy a wetsuit that fits perfectly

By having your own wetsuit you can ensure the size is perfect for you. Buying a wetsuit that fits perfectly will ensure that your dive is as comfortable as possible and that your body maintains or increases its heat. Make sure you go into a dive shop and have them fit it to your size. A wetsuit is not an investment you should make online.


I know this sounds terrible, but it is commonly known that divers often relieve themselves in their wetsuit. When it comes to renting a wetsuit you might believe that divers would never do this in the wetsuit. The truth is that divers do pee in a rental wetsuits.

Another often forgotten problem with using a different wetsuit every time you go diving is getting your buoyancy control correct. Buoyancy control is the key to diving enjoyment but if the buoyancy of your neoprene changes on every day you go diving then what hope do you have in perfecting this important skill.

When you do buy a wetsuit, you should seriously look at the iDRY’s “QUICK-DRY TECHNOLOGY” . With iDry dive suits the revolutionary fleece lining not only dries super fast, it’s also super warm, super flexible and super comfortable to wear. Featured throughout the entire inside of the suit and now available in hoods, boots and gloves…you’ll never have to put on a wet, cold ANYTHING ever again, when you’re wearing an iDRY!

Keeping in mind that your own wetsuit fits so much better and that not so nice thought of the urine, you should consider buying your own. You’ll also be able to avoid the frustration of trying on wetsuits at the dive center, ensuring you get the right one each time.


Own wetsuit is key to obtaining the maximum enjoyment from you diving adventures