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Hideaway Island after Sunset

During the day, Hideaway Island is a tropical paradise with constant hot weather and a perfect coral reef system straight off the beach of all snorkelers and scuba divers to enjoy. After sunset, Hideaway Island still remains comfortably warm, and there are plenty of activities to do!


Hideaway Island Feast

Hideaway Island holds a traditional Melanesian feast

Vanuatu is famous for their beautiful culture, which they love to celebrate. Every Thursday night on Hideaway Island holds a traditional Melanesian feast, which allows guests to really indulge in true flavors of the Melanesian culture. Guests are welcomed with a local Mele band singing traditional string music around a bon fire while you experience Kava tasting. During the meal, you will taste local delicacies such as Kumula, lap lap, tuluk, Hideaway’s world famous fresh coconut curry, and many more. During the evening, the hosts and band will encourage you to join in with the singing and dancing around the fire making the atmosphere one you will thoroughly enjoy.


Hideaway after sunset

Night Time Entertainment on Hideaway Island

Taking the custom ferry across the bay on Friday and Sunday nights, guests are able to join the Beach Bar for two locally organized productions. On Friday nights, a local group performs an incredible fire show. This performance attracts hundreds of people so it’s suggested to go over early to secure the best seat! With fire spitting, fire wheels, and an incredible fire dancing, it really is an event you do not want to miss.

Alternatively, on Sunday nights, the Beach Bar is host to a local circus act on sunset. With slack wire balancing, stilts, clowns, incredible juggling, and more incredible acts, the overall performance is incredibly impressive by the local Mele group.


incredible fire dancing

Incredible fire dancing

Some other night activities organized throughout the week on Hideaway Island are movie nights, beach BBQ’s, and organized night snorkels. Movie nights run twice a week with a range of genres available to choose from. New blockbuster films have even made their way into the choices!

A local Mele band accompanies hideaway’s beach BBQ each Saturday night. Guests enjoy a mix of local and western food in the beautiful beach styled buffet while enjoying the music from the local band.

For guests that are interested, a guided night snorkel can be arranged with the dive boys on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday. The guide takes snorkelers off the shore to explore the shallow reef system in a new environment. Snorkelers will find different marine creatures they did not see during the day and, if they are lucky, experience the love of bioluminescence lights in the water.


Even when the sun has set, Hideaway Island is a tropical paradise of the night. With plenty of activities happening throughout the week on the island itself and over the bay in the Beach Bar, there is never a dull evening.  Check out our holiday trip we are running to Hideaway Island during the New Year! You definitely don’t want to miss out on such an opportunity.