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A Easter Dive Trip for Everyone

A trip over Easter for everyone, from a Tec Diver to your Children.

Some destinations that we organise trip to are designed for the new diver, others for the experienced diver, some would be good for snorkelers as well and this one is designed for everyone. Over the easter period there will be a group of us heading over to Santo in Vanuatu to check out the wreck of the President Coolidge.

From tec to New divers
The wreck is unlike most wrecks perfectly situated as a shore dive with the top in 25m and the bottom in 70m so great for all divers. All dives are done in very small teams so if you are there to do a re breather dive you can or if you just want to stay on the outside and go no deeper that 30m you can do that. This is what makes this trip perfect for all levels.

President Coolidge Wreck

President Coolidge Wreck

Bring your non diving partner
The dives are done a single dives with a surface interval back at out hotel so you can bring you non diving partners and they will not be left all day by them self. The divers will be out for a few hours in the morning and the afternoon and well this is happening the non divers can enjoy the pool, read a book, or if they are adventurous can do some of the land tours like the blue holes, champagne beach or even the canyons.

Bring you kids
Carl and myself will be bringing our kids and sharing the dives so there will be one of us there during the day to look after our kids and yours. This works well as one of us can look after the diving side and one can look after the kids if you are not there. No we are not planning on taking this job on alone… we will also have local nannies to help us during the day and I find it works well to have them in the evening if we head out to dinner. Relax and enjoy your holiday while the kids are having fun as well.

Check out Easter Dive Trip  for details of out next trip over there and keep an eye out for more blogs on the Coolidge trip.

enjoin a dive trip with the kids.

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