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Truk Lagoon

One of the great things I love about Truk Lagoon is the fact that many of the wrecks lie in very shallow water (less than 30m deep). These wrecks  are covered in beautiful hard and soft corals, are abundant with fish life, and best of all, you get to spend more time on them than you do on the slightly deeper wrecks. I have dived Truk Lagoon on 2 separate occasions and on both trips I been able to dive different wrecks. Truk Lagoon has over 60 wrecks, many of these only recently discovered. They range from cargo and transport ships, destroyers, bombers, zero fighters, battle tanks, and submarines – many shallower than 40m and many with a large assortment of World War II Armament. Some of these took part in the attack on the Pearl Harbor and Midway Island operation.

Tank on the deck of a wreck

The majority of the wrecks found in Truk Lagoon lie on the bottom as a result of Operation Hailstone on Feb 16th 1944. This event occurred as a result of the earlier Japanese invasion on Pearl Harbor. So not only are you seeing amazing wrecks whilst underwater, you are seeing a part of World War II history!

This wreck diving location would have to be one of, if not the best, wreck diving locations in the world. The water is warm, the visibility is good and due to the wrecks all resting in a lagoon, there is no current (well none that I have ever experienced anyway).

Diving Truk Lagoon

With nitrox readily available on site, divers can take full advantage of the extended bottom times that this provides. Perfect for getting the extra 10 – 20 minutes that you definitely want on these beautiful shallower wrecks.

If you have not experienced this fantastic wreck diving mecca yet, then you need to. It should be on every divers bucket list. Next year will be my 3rd visit and I am just as excited to be going back as I was the 1st time!

Coral over the wrecks