Thermalution Heated Undersuits


Diving is about enjoyment and you can’t enjoy anything unless you are comfortable. Over the past 2 decades I have witnessed several quantum leaps in equipment which has resulted in making diving much more comfortable and much more enjoyable. The introduction of the BCD, weight integrated BCD’s, super stretch wetsuits have all made diving more comfortable and more enjoyable. The latest piece of equipment, which takes diving to the next level of enjoyment, is the Thermalution heated undersuit.

thermalution back

From a divers standpoint the thinner a wetsuit, the better flexibility of movement you will have and the less lead you have to carry but the less warmth you have. The big advantage of a Thermalution heated undersuit is that it enables the diver to dive in a relatively thin wetsuit and remain toasty warm throughout the dive.


The Thermalution Heated Undersuits use a revolutionary way to heat your core and keep you warm. The undergarment uses state of the art fiber heating technology that generates heat and warms up the blood in two locations along the divers back. The technology has high heat transfer efficiency with low power consumption giving the diver maximum heat with lighter, smaller batteries. The Thermalution generates Far Infrared Ray, which enables heat to penetrate deep into the body core. Warming the core then circulates warm blood to the entire body, keeping the extremities warm.


Recently I have been diving in 15c water in a 3mm wetsuit and no hood. On dives, which all exceeded an hour, I remained warm, and at the same time I had the freedom and comfort of diving in a 3mm wetsuit and I dropped my weight by 12lb’s (5kg).


With the Thermalution Power Heated Undersuit, you can say good-bye to a thick wetsuit and enjoy the fun cold water diving with a thinner wetsuit.

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