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Why the Thermalution Heated Undergarment.


Thermalution making divinga delight

Thermalution Products are made of the most advanced functional fabric, up-to-date design and ThermalTek® non-metallic Heating Wire Technology that generates heat and warms up the blood. It gives you the warmest clothing you will ever need in any cold situation. Thermalution is perfect for cold water activities like surfing, diving, swimming and kayaking etc.

The Thermalution Heated Undersuits use a revolutionary way to heat your core and keep you warm. The undergarment uses state of the art fiber heating technology that generates heat and warms up the blood in two locations along the divers back. The technology has high heat transfer efficiency with low power consumption giving the diver maximum heat with lighter, smaller batteries. The Thermalution generates Far Infrared Ray, which enables heat to penetrate deep into the body core. Warming the core then circulates warm blood to the entire body, keeping the extremities warm. The Thermalution is one of those pieces of dive equipment which will take scuba diving to the next level of enjoyment.


1.What are the Advantages to Divers?

Diving is about enjoyment and the Thermalution heated undergarment helps do that in a number of ways:

  • Staying warmer and hence making the dive more enjoyable.
  • Significantly reduced the weight a diver need carry (lead) because the diver can stay warm with a thinner wetsuit.
  • More freedom, flexibility and comfort because diving with a thinner wetsuit.
  • Longer dives due to improved air consumption (not burning up oxygen to keep the body warm)


Diving is about enjoyment

Diving is About Enjoyment

2. What is “ThermalTek® heating wire”?

ThermalTek® is a non-metallic state of the art heating fiber. It possesses high heat transfer efficiency, low energy consumption and generates Far Infrared which is beneficial to the human body while only emitting low EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).



ThermalTek® is a non-metallic state of the art heating fiber

3. How is the Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit superior to other similar heated wetsuit?

Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit is the only suit in the world that works with portable rechargeable batteries and can fit to any existing wetsuit or drysuit. Our Power Heated Undersuit has the capacity to heat up in the shortest amount of time (under a minute) while being able to last for the longest duration (maximum 110~240 minutes per use). In addition, it has a temperature micro controller with ON/OFF and 3 temperature settings ensuring it to be the most friendly design you ever need compared to other products that use chemical heaters and require boiling or microwaving.



4. When the neoprene wetsuit already possesses thermal protection, why do I need the Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit?

Thermal protection of wetsuit is limited to insulate your body and minimize heat loss. When diving, as you descend in the water, your wetsuit will be compressed due to water pressure. This compression of the wetsuit reduces your buoyancy and thermal protection. There is no way to make up for the lost insulation once you’re in the water EXCEPT for using our Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit as it can GENERATE heat instead of only being able to reduce heat loss. Also, the thickness and quality of neoprene determine the function of wetsuit. The thicker the neoprene, the warmer you’ll feel, but you may get extremely exhausted by putting a thick wetsuit on. With our ThermalutionR Power Heated Undersuit, you can say good-bye to thick wetsuits and enjoy cold water activities.

5. What is the performance time of the Thermalution® Power Heater Undersuit?

A pair of fully charged batteries could last around 110 to 240 minutes depending on the temperature setting and unit. Furthermore, the high quality lithium polymer batteries used with Thermalution products have an average lifespan of around 500 recharges.

lithium polymer batteries used with Thermalution


6. What is the difference between Power Heated Undersuit -70m and Undersuit -15m ?

The -15m Undersuit is designed for surfing and other water activities performed largely above the water, while the -70m Undersuit is designed for diving purposes. There are no functional differences between the two products, but the -15m Undersuit is less capable of diving into deep depths as it can not handle as much water pressure as the -70m Undersuit.

yellow grade thermalution

With the Thermalution Power Heated Undersuit, you can say good-bye to thick wetsuits and heavy weight belts and enjoy the fun cold water diving with a thinner wetsuit. In all but the coldest of water, you can say good bye to Dry Suits and even if you are in those extreme conditions it will mean significant more comfort as it will eliminate the need for bulky undergarments.